Panos Laganakos


My name is Panos Laganakos. I am a software engineer. And a guitarist. But I guess that's not why you're here. Enough of that. Oh, sometimes I design stuff.

Current position: Senior Sofware Engineer @


BreathResearch was a health related startup in California, in collaboration with Mayo Clinic. It has since been aquired by AireHealth

Took over the backend/API which was written in Laravel/PHP, and also the administrative frontend, written in React/JS (using Bootstrap among others). I also handled the design of MyBreath App which is live on the App Store.

We've built on a new AI/Machine Learning system, that we implementing in Python, and using Flask (and family) for the backend/API.

Technologies used: Python, PHP, C++, Swift/ObjC, ReactJS


Seismotech's mission is providing solutions to difficult exploration problems. Among all provided solutions, Passive Seismic methodologies

Rewrote the simulps project, which held code back from 1986, in modern OO Fortran. I optimised the whole program to run 160% faster.

Technologies used: Fortran, Debian packaging & opts

Inertia Sound Systems

Inertia Sound Systems aims to offer creative audio processing tools for every musician in need of that extra touch of weirdness

Designed and co-developed two of the most successful plugins in their respective fields. GRANULIZER 2, an audio granular synth, and INSTINCT an organic distortion. Both projects are developed in C++.

Technologies used: C++, JUCE, Python, Django, Docker


Syfanope is the largest pharmaceutical distributor in Peloponesse

Designed and built the website along with an online ordering system for the pharmacies, with b2b offers of the company.

Technologies used: Django, Bootstrap


Online food delivery catalogue for the city of Kalamata

Designed from the ground up in Django, and optimized to serve more than 28.000 monthly visits Dedicated mobile & tablet based version with speed and layout responsive optimizations.

Technologies used: Django, SASS/CSS3, HTML/5, jQuery and some raw JS parts

EDM Studio

A company focused around building software for interactive museums

I created part of the template system of their static site generator.

Technologies used: Python, SASS/CSS3, HTML5

Opensource Work

I've contributed to alot of open source projects throughout the years. Most notable Django, one of the biggest Python projects. You can find me attributed on the official list. The latest ones I keep on Github, ie, django-currencies which is used by thousands of developers.


  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • C/C++
  • Fortran
  • PHP
  • Django
  • ReactJS
  • React Native